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Batch blast

The "Batch blast" dialog allows you to batch process .jpg image files,
automatically removing dust bunnies.

Dbblast also removes hot, stuck, and dead pixels.
See Removing hot pixels.

Load files

The "Load files" button allows you to select the image files to be

Load reference

This button lets you select the .dbr reference file containing the
coordinates and sizes of the dust bunnies to be removed.


The "Configure" button brings up the "Configure dbblast" dialog, which
allows you to set blasting threshholds and file save quality for the
blasting operation. See the Settings Menu for details.


Starts the blasting process. While blasting takes place, this button
turns into a "Cancel" button. Pressing "Cancel" will cancel the
blasting process.

Save log

Saves the log output displayed in the window on the right to a file.
The log file can be used to locate the bunnies that were not blasted.
You can then manually erase the bunnies in an image editor if you wish.

Clear log

Clears the log output display. The log output is also cleared if you
start another batch blast operation, so be sure to save it if you
don't want to loose it.