Dbblast (Dust bunny blaster) is a utility that automatically removes
"dust bunnies" from .jpg and .png images taken with digital SLR's. It
can be used to remove some or all dust bunnies from a series of images
based on user configureable brightness and color gradient threshholds.
Dbblast can also be used to remove hot pixels.

To remove dust bunnies manually one at a time, just open the image file,
mark the bunny, and blast.

Removing dust bunnies in batch mode is a simple two step process. First
create a reference file containing the location and size of each bunny.
Second load the reference file and the images you wish to process; and blast

When batch processing, dbblast can be run entirely from the command line,
so you can easily add dust removal to your image post processing workflow.

The original image files are left unchanged. The processed image files
with bunnies removed will be located in a directory called dbblast under
the current working directory, or another directory of your choice.