About dbblast

Dbblast was created to save time when removing "dust bunnies"
from jpeg images taken with digital SLR's. It also works with
.png images.

If you have a digital SLR, sooner or later you will probably get
dust particles on the low pass filter that sits just above the imaging
CCD. It's not hard to clean the dust, but often, by the time you notice
it you may have taken several hundred (or more) shots.

Manually removing the dust spots in a photo editor is tedious if you
have more than a few images to clean up. That's when dbblast can help.
Just use dbblast to create a reference file with the locations of all
the bunnies, then press "blast", and let dbblast do all the work.

Here is an example of what dbblast can do:

Before dbblast:
After dbblast:

To learn more see the Documentation.